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The example set by a woman leader

Parvathamma is a SHG leader in her village. She used her influence and her position to support two women affected by HIV who were facing discrimination in her communities, and helped them lead a self-sufficient life.
Watch this video of Parvatamma’s sharing….

A brief summary of her sharing….

There was a young couple in my village who used to run a tea shop. The husband died of HIV and after that, no one would visit the shop or take tea from the wife. All of us members of the group, we decided to go visit the shop. At first, the women were hesitant to actually drink the tea. Someone said, if you are so convinced about the fact that nothing will happen to you, why dont you drink first. So I drank the tea first, and then everybody drank. There was an office nearby, and all the staff there, seeing this felt, if women can go and drink the tea there, why not us. So they also started going there. Her tea shop became popular again. Later, through the group we trained her in making some snacks also, to sell with the tea.

In another instance, the couple were weaving baskets. Again, when the husband died because of HIV, nobody would buy the baskets from the woman. From our group, we used to buy there, whenever there was a function or anything in our family. We also connected her to Asha Jyoti care centre. Finally, she decided to put her wares directly in the market rather than sell from home. Now she is living well with her children.


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