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A desire to help without expectation of Reward

July 26, 2011

See the sharing of a volunteer from Kalghatgi, in Dharwad district who speaks about giving timely support to save the life of a young man in the village, and then refusing the money which the grateful family offered him, because, for him “Saving the life was enough.” Advertisements

A gesture from the heart

July 13, 2011

Ramu is a young man from Koppal, who got an opportunity to understand about HIV, when he and his friends put up a streetplay in their village on that issue. Much later, when he chanced to come across a person who had died due to HIV and where the community was hesitating to even touch […]

The example set by a woman leader

July 5, 2011

Parvathamma is a SHG leader in her village. She used her influence and her position to support two women affected by HIV who were facing discrimination in her communities, and helped them lead a self-sufficient life. Watch this video of Parvatamma’s sharing…. A brief summary of her sharing…. There was a young couple in my […]