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A word of support at the right time

This is the story of a lady, a care volunteer, who was there to support a young man, when he discovered his HIV status. It is translated as closely as possible to her own narration of the experience.

I had taken my younger brother to the testing centre for HIV testing, before his wedding. There, there was another boy who had also come for HIV testing. He is from my village, but I did not know him very well. When the results were out, I could see from his face that his report was positive. He was totally shocked by the diagnosis. I went to him and he started talking to me. He was devastated to know that he was positive. He told me, ‘What us is this body to me now. Even my kidneys or my eyes can never be used by others. I dont see any purpose in life. I should die.”

We spoke for a long time. We discussed about his fiance, she was his sister’s daughter. She had tested negative. As we spoke, he felt that she should not be made to marry him. I also assured him that it was possible to live for a long time with HIV. I dont know how much he trusted or beleived me. But I did not let him be alone at that time, I was with him through the day, we went out and ate together. Later I took him to see the doctor. 

The doctor did proper counseling, and told him about HIV and how people could live with it. What the doctor said was the same as what I said, but now, he started believing in him. He accepted that it was possible to live with HIV. I felt that now he would not do something rash to himself, but at least start thinking of living. 


One Response to “A word of support at the right time”

  1. Such a heart touching story. Luckily, the doctor spent time with the client which enhanced the trust in this case. But, I am sure everyone is not that fortunate. The counsellors also are not able to spend time because of their busy schedule or sometime because of not understanding the importance. This case reinforces my feeling that there has to be someone to play the role that the care volunteer played here.

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