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Acts which inspire care

Seeta is a classical musician. She was at Asha Jyoti Care Centre for people with HIV as a carer. She was there, not to care for her mother or father or any relative, but for her music teacher, the man to whom she owed her music. Her teacher was not even willing to tell her about his condition in the initial period, since he was so overcome by self stigma. But once she found out about it, she stood by him in his last days, despite his family’s disapproval.

Seeta gave her teacher complete attention and personal care in his last days. She fed him, helped him bathe, washed his clothes and cleaned his bed. Her care towards him became an example for all other carers in the centre. Each started thinking of what else they could do for their own loved ones. They were there with them, but could they do something to make them more comfortable. As one of the other carers, a son looking after his ailing mother expressed, “I was looking after my mother because I was expected to do it. I just did some things to help her. But here, this lady was doing something for her teacher. She was not expected to do it. She inspired me to do more things, more wholeheartedly for my mother.”

Seeta caring for her teacher was for her a personal act of concern and commitment to the man who had nurtured her talents. But her acts had the capacity to inspire so many more people, who want to emulate her. Even now, as her story is shared with others, people who have never met her or witnessed her care are pushed to think, “What else can I do for my loved one.”


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