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Compassion and concern to ensure dignity and decency in death

June 18, 2010

For many people with HIV, stigma and discrimination dogs them, not just in life, but in their death also. People have been denied appropriate funeral with all the prescribed rites, frequently cremated when burial is the custom, or buried deep inside, in an isolated area, because of community prejudices against them. This robs the positive […]

To the aid of children

June 17, 2010

Children have been one of the most ¬†affected by the ¬†HIV epidemic. Caring for their parents, often orphaned, sometimes sick themselves sick, at a very young age, they are forced to take up adult responsibilities, or grow up without appropriate care and supervision from the adults in their families. But for many of the children, […]

Together they did

June 10, 2010

A group of sex workers denouncing obscene tabloid journalism, and unearthing a pornography racket